Online mobs produce offline mobs. Every part of what happened on the sixth was orchestrated online, mostly using the mainstream platforms. The logistics: Where to meet, and the objective. The coordinated attack on the Capital, down to the minute details of how to bring illegal weapons into the District of Columbia over the Maryland border, this was achieved in the open, on mainstream platforms.

The violence to our national symbols and many individuals shocked many, but it should not have surprised us. …

According to UNICEF, 2,300 children are traveling with the migrant caravan. They “need protection and access to essential services like healthcare, clean water and adequate sanitation.”

Even in an election year, is it responsible to refer to these children as an “illegal alien mob” as Marsha Blackburn, candidate for Senate in Tennessee does routinely on social media?

Marsha Blackburn, Candidate for Senate (TN)

Or is it the basis for a sober, public debate on policy for an elected official to post unsupported conspiracy theories sourced from TownHall — a site with a track record of posting outright fabrications — that Venezuela’s government is somehow in cahoots…

Deceptive photos from the “caravan” of refugees continue to propagated on social media sites at an astonishing rate.

This is not an accident — this a strategy to dehumanize the migrants and inspire fear among ordinary Americans in the final days before the election.

Photo falsely claiming to be from the refugee caravan.

A simple google search reveals that photo is at least three years old. It was not taken in Mexico and ironically has been used repeatedly to demonize refugees in other countries.

Another example:

Why we need to correct the record when photographs are hijacked by conspiracy theorists

Ginni Thomas speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Ginni Thomas is her own woman. The fact that her husband is an associate justice on the Supreme Court has never prevented her from sharing her point of view. At times, her activism has included advocating and organizing on issues that are certain to appear on the Supreme Court docket. She has also been known to share conspiracy theories — including the fevered fantasy that George Soros is preparing to engineer a coup against the republic.

There is no doubt she is a loving and devoted wife. So devoted that she once sent Anita Hill, a former colleague of Thomas’…

The top 200 websites linked from Twitter’s dump of tweets created by Russian intelligence. (English language tweets only.)

How does your site rank?

1. (109,129)
2. (15,641)
3. (13,175)
4. (9,437)
5. (9,111)
6. (8,371)
7. (7,790)
8. (7,447)
9. (7,369)
10. (6,797)
11. (6,789)
12. (6,667)
13. (6,370)
14. (5,724)
15. (5,642)
16. (5,586)
17. (5,454)
18. (5,330)
19. (5,321)
20. (5,319)
21. (5,124)
22. (5,072)
23. (4,992)
24. (4,619)
25. (4,608)
26. (4,536)
27. (4,404)
28. (4,335)
29. (4,187)
30. (4,187)
31. (3,933)
32. (3,930)
33. (3,834)
34. (3,772)
35. (3,686)
36. (3,686)
37. (3,661)
38. (3,313)

This story is based on work by CounterAction, a DC based disinformation research company.

Facebook’s claims of transparency continue to wow the credulous and convince the media that our the overlords in Menlo Park are totally well meaning.

Fake news? They’re really sorry about that, even though no one could have seen that coming. Because they are so inherently good, they have put a crack team of machine learning savants on this problem. Nothing to see here.

However, if you scratch the surface even a little bit, you’ll find dozens of pages that are operated from abroad, claiming to be…

July, 2010 — Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

I am sitting in the student center at Liberty University, the “Christian” alternative to liberal academia. Liberty was founded in a particularly unironic fit of largesse by the scion of the moral majority Jerry Falwell. Here he is known as Doctor Falwell, though he has no such degree.

Jerry Falwell, the nemesis of ground beef pornographer Larry Flynt. “God must be dead if you’re alive,” sang the Dead Kennedys.

I am sitting at ground zero of the fundamentalist backlash, among the foot soldiers of the culture war they declared. …

The position requires a quick and resourceful person able to overcome hurdles, think outside the box and get the job done. You must be able to follow explicit instructions when needed. You must be independent, self-managed and have a courteous telephone manner.

Do you have a courteous telephone manner?

You must have strong organizational skills and be able to work with little supervision. You must be able to conform to company standards. Excellent communication and intrapersonal skills are needed. Building relationships will be a key success factor for this position .

Can you build relationships?

Experience in leading and participating…

The distressingly beautiful true believer leaned into my girlfriend’s personal space and closed her eyes tight.

“Father God, let your grace upon Rebecca that she may know you, free her from the afflictions of the body and open her heart to your love”

Rebecca glared at me. I had instigated this, her eyes said. And she was right. The whole thing was my idea. The casino, the strip club, the interminable antiquing and now this, a gathering of over 25,000 young evangelicals at the Kansas City Convention Center, one of whom was now praying over her.

We were at OneThing…

Trevor Hugh Davis

Inside the bubble.

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